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The Wolf volcano on Isabela Island Galapagos initiates sudden eruption

The highest peak of the Ecuadorian archipelago, which is located in northern Isabela and reaches 1,707 meters, began an eruptive process this morning, reported through naturalistic social networking guides two cruise ships that crossed the place and the correspondent Ecuador TV on the islands.

Naturalist guides Celebrity Expedition Cruise and cruise were the first to report with stunning images of the natural event that has not occurred since 1982 and was picked up by the Ecuadorian media in their Twitter accounts.

Galapagos National Park (PNG) reported that "the area around the volcano is not inhabited by humans and that there is an animal population, the same is composed of pink iguanas unique in the world".

For his part, Diego Añazco, Ecuador TV correspondent in the islands, confirmed the news. "Since 0130 Galapagos (Ecuador 02:30, 7:30 GMT) volcano Wolf large lava flows emanating from its south eastern flank. The surrounding area is not populated. "

Also, PNG reported that in the coming hours the Galapagos National Park will make an overflight to determine the exact location and the area that could be affected.

A source in the Ministry confirmed the overflight Risk and indicated that by now most concern are some species of flora and fauna.


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